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Work with Us either In Person at Our Office or Online.
Location is not important, wherever you are based we can help!

Specialist Help for Stress, Anxiety and Weight Loss

Our highly trained and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapists specialise in working with stress, anxiety and weight loss including related problems such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Depression.

Eliminate the Stress

As specialists in our field we are constantly working with our clients to help them overcome negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviour patterns that are holding them back and creating stress in their lives.

We work with you to help you introduce positive changes into your life so you can reduce and ultimately eliminate the stress and find relief from your symptoms.

The Therapies we offer – At Our Office or Online

Hypnotherapy is our main specialist type therapy, however we are also highly trained and experienced in various other talking therapies. Visit the following webpages for further information regarding the therapies we can offer you:

Working Online

Whilst sessions will generally take place in the traditional face to face manner at our office in Chelmsford, Essex in the United Kingdom wherever possible. We do realise that this isn’t always an option due to distance or some other reason. Fortunately, due to advancements in modern technology this isn’t a problem or always necessary. So for clients based further afield, either in the United Kingdom or overseas, we can conduct the ‘Free Initial Consultation’ and any future therapy sessions online via Skype for your comfort and convenience.

A reliable internet connection is required along with a good quality webcam, microphone and speaker facilities. (Please note, a headset with a microphone is the best option here). If you are interested in working with us online, please contact us for further information.

Expert Help from Experienced Specialists who are 'Good Listeners'

Our Therapists understand just how upsetting and stressful it can be to suffer with a problem and feel like no-one understands or can help. Rest assured at the Free Initial Consultation we will assess whether we feel we can definitely help you and the best way for us to work together.

Client-Centred Therapy

We work in a client-centred way and tailor the therapy to the individual. This means that you can rest assured you are receiving the right therapy for you rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Referring on

As experienced Therapists, we know many other Therapists specialising in all aspects of therapy. If we feel that we cannot help you for whatever reason, then we will refer you on to someone else who can.

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