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Hypnotherapy and Modern Medicine

Hypnotherapy as a Complementary Medicine

Nowadays, Hypnotherapy is recognised by many branches of orthodox medicine as an extremely valuable alternative to drugs. It can be used to accelerate healing and help combat pain.

The British Medical Association (BMA) has long recognised Hypnotherapy as an extremely valuable method of treatment. Since December 2010, NHS patients can be referred to the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) to find a suitably trained and qualified Hypnotherapist in their local area.

Pain Control and Pain Relief with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy helps people use their minds to achieve therapeutic change. It can be instrumental in finding coping strategies and using inner strengths and qualities to activate innate healing forces within us, so that we can control pain and find relief from our symptoms.

Chronic Pain

Dr. Stephen Allen, a Consultant at the Pain Management Unit of The Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, believes that psychological factors and chronic pain are connected. He says, “Psychological factors do not actually cause the pain but they do influence the way that patients perceive and cope with their pain”. He believes that in order to manage chronic pain the patient needs to be treated holistically both emotionally and physically.

Dr. Allen and his team work with both in and outpatients who are on drug therapy to relieve chronic pain. He uses various different approaches depending on the individual patient, in order to complement the effectiveness of the drug therapy programme. By getting the balance just right, the intake of drugs can be monitored and frequently the dosage reduced significantly as the pain is controlled. The patients are also taught relaxation techniques to help them manage their emotional and physical well-being.

Chemical Anaesthesia

Hypnosis can also produce chemical anaesthesia, so that a person can have dental work carried out without the normal injections e.g. a filling or tooth extraction. It can even be used to replace general anaesthetic to carry out more serious operations.

See sidebar (left) for two examples of operations performed under hypnosis.

The Mind and the Immune System

The two work closely together, and by keeping the mind healthy, strong and positive during any physical illness including Cancer, it can help to manage pain, control anxiety and stress, and prevent depression.

Hypnotherapy and Cancer Care

Dr. Rumi Peynovska and her team based at Charing Cross Hospital in London work with Cancer Patients on a daily basis to help them deal with the symptoms they are experiencing as a result of their particular diagnosis.

Dr. Peynovska and her team have conducted clinical medical trials that prove the Hypnotherapy work they do at the hospital actually helps Cancer Patients manage their pain, prolong their lives and sometimes make a complete recovery.

Larger scale more randomised clinic trials are needed to reinforce the important beneficial results the treatment provides. However, in the meantime, Dr. Peynovska and her team continue to help patients activate their own healing powers so they can manage their health effectively.

The Power of the Mind

There are many other examples that have also demonstrated just how powerful Hypnotherapy actually is. The power of the mind is truly a remarkable thing. The key is to get your mind working for you rather than against you.

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