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Welcome to our Testimonials Page. Just you being here tells us that you have taken that all important first step on the way to a richer life. We want you to know that despite whatever barriers, blocks, problems and difficulties you may be experiencing, your goals are achievable with the right help.

Here at Claire Rich, ‘Trust’ is our most important core value. We consider our clients health, wellbeing and success to be as important as our own. We are known for being a brand you can trust because we do as we say and only say what we mean.

We help clients just like you every day. But you don’t have to just take our word for it… find out exactly what our clients have to say about us in their Testimonials below. Then if you like what you read, make that all important decision to let us help you maximise your performance, wellbeing and success so you too can thrive rather than just survive! Call (01245) 444105 to book your ‘Free Initial Consultation’.

Please note all Testimonials have been given with the client’s permission and written consent in accordance with our strict code of ethics and conduct. However, due to the highly private and confidential nature of our work, some clients have requested that we keep their identity anonymous to respect their privacy. This is why you won’t see their name displayed alongside their Testimonial but rest assured each and every Testimonial is 100% genuine and sincere.

James Lincoln

“I had been suffering in silence with extreme anxiety and depression for years before finally deciding to make a change. I had been looking at Hypnotherapy as a solution for a while but was unsure as to its benefits. However after seeing Claire Rich perform a talk at a local Fitness Festival I was inspired to take the plunge. Especially after seeing how passionate she was about helping people. Since completing my course of therapy I have felt more confident and assured within myself; an increased sense of my own ability and worth. This has shown itself in both my professional and leisure activities. I would summarise my experience as allowing me to regain my life. Before starting I felt as though there was nothing else ahead of me and I dreaded what the future would hold. Now I look forward to a brighter more positive future, knowing that I am now the person I was always meant to be. I feel as though I can achieve and cope with anything. It has been such a change and revelation that I now struggle to recall how I felt prior to starting work with Claire. I would whole-heartedly recommend Claire to anyone, her service is exemplary and I shall certainly be returning for more goal setting and assistance in the future.”


“Claire has helped me to overcome key anxiety problems to a point I hardly believed possible. I am delighted by how much better I feel and cannot thank her enough. It was a very relaxing and pleasurable experience and I would highly recommend her.”

Hannah Walker

“Claire has helped me to realise who I am as a person and appreciate me for me. I am happy and confident with myself and with Claire’s help I am able to live for the now and enjoy my life. I have been given the skills to overcome future anxieties. Claire worked where Doctors couldn’t. She has changed the way I look and think about life.”


“I came into Claire’s office fuzzy and unfocussed, not knowing what I wanted or where I was going in life. Not like me at all. With Claire’s valuable guidance I have regained my clarity, worked on what I want and need, and am much clearer in what I need to do and the steps I have to take in order to be happier in all aspects of my life to achieve my goals. Looking at the original goals set, I have already undertaken a lot of steps towards those and added to them also. I am thinking in a much larger way instead of feeling confined and now believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I am much happier and confident as a person in my relationships and in my life as a whole. I would thoroughly recommend Claire to anyone. I have found her guidance invaluable.”


“I found Claire to be thoroughly professional in her approach and she went deep into the issue that underlay the problem. I would recommend her.”


“When I first went to see Claire Rich I was suffering panic attacks and ultimately feeling anxious and depressed. We worked together to conquer these issues and really got to the heart of my troubles. We faced a lot of issues that had worried me my whole life. I can honestly say I found Claire the consummate professional, nothing phased her. I felt secure in therapy with her. I was on the brink when I first came to therapy and Claire was a real life guru to me at the time. I don’t know what would have become of me without the therapy because I was feeling so stuck. Thanks to her persistence, she monumentally helped me improve my quality of life and achieve my goals.”


“The first thing I noticed about Claire is how at ease she makes you feel. I was incredibly apprehensive about trying any kind of therapy but as soon as I met Claire that all seemed to disappear. I found the Hypnotherapy a slightly unusual yet very relaxing experience, which along with the other therapies Claire provides has helped me immensely. Not only have I achieved my goals but I am now starting something in my life I never knew would be possible. Claire has started me on an exciting new journey of which I will be eternally grateful.”

Denise Church

“I had always battled with my weight, having been on one sort of diet or another since I was in my late teens. Being interested in hypnosis, I researched the subject and found out about how therapeutic hypnosis can resolve many different issues, including weight loss. I felt completely at ease as soon as I met Claire. She was extremely sympathetic to my issue and reassured me about any concerns I had. She spoke to me about what I wanted to achieve and we set some goals. My therapy was over a few months but in that time I was amazed and delighted at the changes. I felt more positive and more in control than I had ever been before. I am writing this Testimonial three and half years later and having achieved my goal. I have continued to keep the weight off. I would fully recommend Claire Rich and hypnosis therapy to anyone who is struggling with weight, as a very effective, long term solution.”


“I am definitely feeling more confident and different. I am more positive about life and have now got some knowledge of how to maintain this positive attitude. I am feeling a lot calmer too.”


“Over the past six years I have had three courses of Hypnotherapy. My issues included Stress, Panic Attacks, Weight and Confidence. Each course was successful and left me feeling relaxed but also focused and more in control of my future. I found my inner strength which I have built on, which in return has made me a happier, more contented person.”


“I always looked forward to each consultation with Claire because I always left feeling a lot more positive, relaxed and re-energised, and looking forward to the future with optimism replacing fear. Claire helped me enormously with my feelings of general anxiety so that I felt calmer and more confident. She definitely enabled me to retake control of my life and put me back on track with positive thought patterns and self-acceptance. Claire and I worked very hard on my insecurity issues and resulting jealous nature. Claire was brilliant and taught me that having faith and trust in myself was the key to all healthy relationships.”


“I rapidly achieved the goals I’d set and my problems continued to diminish after the course of therapy had finished. I feel much more positive. So much so that I have enrolled on an MA Degree Course at Essex University.”


“My Hypnotherapy Sessions with Claire helped me to relax and unwind. Claire always listened to the worries I had and helped me to discuss ways to overcome them. She helped me take control over difficult situations in my life and become more confident in expressing my views. My self-confidence has grown as a result of my sessions with Claire and I now believe in myself more which has benefitted me both socially and at work.”


“Hypnotherapy was a really useful tool for me. In addition to normal talking therapies hypnosis helps you to relax and retrain your mind away from feelings of stress and anxiety so that you are enabled with stress management techniques that assist with future problems and challenges in life. I found Claire to be a very experienced and attentive Therapist who listened closely to my problems and objectives, coming up with effective solutions and challenging unhelpful thought patterns. Although hypnosis is shrouded in much mystery, it’s really just a way of learning ways to relax your mind and body whereby you become more open to better ways of thinking. Why not give it a try?”


“I started having panic attacks in late 2012. I couldn’t go out the house unless with someone. I was recommended Claire Rich by a friend and met her for the first time in February 2013. Although I was nervous of the word ‘Hypnotherapy’ and meeting Claire, this quickly disappeared during our first session and I felt completely at ease. We talked through my problems and she said we could work together. We set the goals I wanted to reach and by August 2013 I had built up my confidence and had achieved my goals. I am now back to normal, as I was before all this happened. I feel working with Claire helped me achieve this and to her I am very grateful.”


“I met with Claire two years ago as I felt I needed help with general confidence, especially communicating confidently. Things had reached an all-time low when I literally became a jibbering wreck during a work presentation. Enough was enough! Claire’s therapy helped me to search out and tackle the root causes and we set some goals to achieve around the problems I had experienced. I finished the therapy and felt we had achieved success! What I had not foreseen was the knock on effect. I could never have imagined being a naturally confident speaker. Two years on and I am competing in (and sometimes winning) speech competitions, and have far surpassed the original goals we had set. I am hugely appreciative for the help I received from Claire and would recommend her services without hesitation.”


“My life had sadly fallen apart; not so many years off retirement and it was clear to me that my life had changed significantly for the worse and was still going downhill. All my expectations and hopes for the future had evaporated and I was left with some very tough choices; and worse, many of the problems were not within my control and I needed some way to accept the inevitable. Finally, I plucked up courage for a Free Initial Consultation; it could do no harm. The idea of being hypnotised and under a kind of spell seemed very scary and almost dangerous... However, Claire soon put me at ease, and got me to understand that therapy using hypnosis is totally unrelated to things we have all seen on the stage or TV. It was all about me, how I wanted to feel, what I wanted to achieve, helping me recognise and accept key circumstances that were driving me crazy. So together, we set three goals and I started the hypnotic journey. As each session passed, I gradually grew more optimistic about the future and found ways of dealing with all the obstacles in my mind. During the hypnosis, it was mainly relaxing, sometimes very emotional, but I was always in control. Claire’s voice eased me into the dreamlike state, where she helped me sort out and view subconscious thoughts from different perspectives until each issue was resolved and accepted. I was truly surprised by the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy as practised by Claire. It really worked for me, and I will certainly make further use of Claire and her hypnosis if I again encounter serious problems or just want more confidence in achieving something new that seems to be beyond me. It could work for you too.”

Richard Cox

“The Richer Life Programme delivers just that, a Richer Life! It is a tough trail however it is very fulfilling and worthwhile. I now feel I can do anything, am stronger than I have ever been, and I can do whatever I want. I believe I have fulfilled all my goals. It is a superb feeling which I can’t find the words to fully describe. I think to feel like this everyone should do it.”

"It is the size of one’s will which determines success."


Are you prepared to do what it takes to achieve your goals and be the best you can be?

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