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The History of Hypnosis

A Brief Look at the History of Hypnosis

Some people may find it hard to believe, but hypnosis and Hypnotherapy have been around from as early as 3000 B.C. The Egyptians had a knowledge of it and were using hypnotism - this is proven by hieroglyphics found on the tombs of that period. The Greeks and Mayas of South America understood it. Hindu Fakirs, Chinese Teachers of Religion, the Persian Magi, the Celtic Druids and African Witch Doctors also used it. Perhaps it goes back to prehistoric times, handed down by various rituals.

The Mystery surrounding Hypnosis

Even though the use of hypnosis was common with many primitive civilisations (though not by the name 'hypnosis'), its true nature still seems like a mystery to most people even to this day - as is evidenced by the movies. However, Hollywood is not entirely to blame for the mystery surrounding this subject. The first Hypnotists soon became the first Witch Doctors, Wise Men, Shamans, and so on (or vice versa) and their knowledge of the art was jealously guarded, thus shrouding it in mysticism and religion.

Lack of Knowledge and Fear

Another reason for the lack of knowledge, is the inborn trait in humans to fear, ridicule or turn our noses up at that which we don't understand. Indeed every science in the world has had to travel the same hard road from disbelief through to fear, to common acceptance.

Hypnotherapy and Flying

You may or may not know this but many people laughed at the Wright Brothers. Most people even thought that if God had intended man to fly, he would have given him wings! However, now we accept aeroplanes as a normal part of everyday life. It is not therefore surprising that hypnotism is still considered an occult science by many, and that it should take so long to gain recognition and wide scale acceptance. Since day one, its secrets have been closely guarded from the average person.

Modern Day Attitudes towards Hypnotherapy

Fortunately today, people are becoming increasingly more aware that Hypnotherapy could actually help them overcome their emotional and psychological problems and change their lives for the better. This greater awareness appears to reflect the average person's attitude of being more open to using natural, complementary medicines and alternative therapies in general.

Treating the Cause rather than the Symptoms

These days, not everybody wants to rely solely on medical intervention and drugs. Some people actually prefer to find out why they have a particular problem so that they can treat the cause rather than just the symptom to ensure long term permanent relief.

Hypnotherapy and Modern Medicine

Nowadays, Hypnotherapy is also recognised by many branches of orthodox medicine as an extremely valuable alternative to drugs. It can be used to accelerate healing and help combat pain. Find out more about Hypnotherapy and Modern Medicine.

Knowledge and Experience

As public interest and confidence grows further, Hypnotherapy will also become more widely accepted for the safe and amazing therapy that it truly is – just as flying was! Hopefully it will then go on to help millions more people overcome emotional illness so that they too can create positive changes in their lives.

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