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How We Work

Work with Us either In Person at Our Office or Online.
Location is not important, wherever you are based we can help!

Therapies – At Our Office or Online

Claire Rich Therapy works in an eclectic style which means that we are able to use different styles of therapy, methods and techniques to suit each of our clients. We believe that the client-centred approach works best, as it enables us to provide the best possible therapy to each client, as well as allowing us to work in the most effective way with the presenting problem.

Specialist Hypnotherapy Experts

As Hypnotherapy Experts, we favour an investigative style of working called ‘Hypnoanalysis’ as it deals with the cause and effect, helping the client to get to the root(s) of the problem. Unlike many symptomatic based therapies this method usually produces permanent relief from the presenting problem.

Other Types of Therapy we offer

As well as Hypnotherapy which is our main area of specialism and expertise, we are also highly trained, qualified and experienced in various other therapies including Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Psychosexual Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Rest assured the most appropriate style of therapy is always used with each and every client and often a combination works best.

The ‘Free Initial Consultation’ – At Our Office or Online

Claire Rich Therapy offers a 'Free Initial Consultation' to all our potential clients with absolutely no obligation. This first meeting gives you the opportunity to meet us in person and see if you feel comfortable talking to us. It can also be done by telephone or online via Zoom for your comfort and convenience.

The ‘Free Initial Consultation’ can last anything from ten minutes up to forty five minutes. It is just an informal chat so that we can assess whether we feel we can definitely help you, and the best way for us to work together. No hypnosis is used during this initial meeting.

Working Online

Sessions can either take place in the traditional face to face manner at our office in Chelmsford, Essex in the United Kingdom or online via Zoom. Fortunately, due to advancements in modern technology, now we can easily work with clients who are based further afield in the United Kingdom or overseas. We can conduct the ‘Free Initial Consultation’ either by telephone or Zoom and any future therapy sessions online via Zoom for your comfort and convenience.

A reliable internet connection is required along with a good quality webcam, microphone and speaker facilities. (Please note, a headset with a microphone is the best option here). If you are interested in working with us online, please contact us for further information.

Working Together

Once we have decided we are going to work together, we will let you know the way that we plan to work. It is important that you feel comfortable with this so that you can achieve the most successful outcome from your therapy.

Therapy is all about working together as a team which is why the client/therapist relationship is so important. Claire Rich Therapy is committed to giving all our clients 100%, and we expect the same from them. If you are committed and motivated to succeed, then together we can help you get yourself the life you truly deserve!

Consultations – At Our Office or Online

Session length and frequency will be confirmed at your 'Free Initial Consultation'.

As a general rule most therapy sessions are held on a weekly basis and last 60 minutes unless agreed otherwise, with the exception of some of our all inclusive packages. Please visit our 'Packages' webpage for more information.

Number of Sessions Required

The duration of a course of Hypnotherapy very much depends on the nature of the problem. In some cases, just a few sessions can be effective, in others, as a rough guide 6 to 12 sessions may be needed. We will discuss this with you at your ‘Free Initial Consultation’.

With regards to the other types of therapy offered and a rough guide to the duration of these treatments, please refer to the relevant ‘Therapies’ and 'Packages' webpages where more information is provided.

Appointment Times

We always try to accommodate our clients and arrange a mutually convenient time for therapy.

We see clients from Monday to Friday. Evening appointments are also available, although these times do get booked up quite quickly.

Waiting List

As our diaries are always very busy, if you are unable to start your therapy with us straight away because we do not have a suitable time to offer you, we can put you on our Waiting List. We discharge clients all the time, so you shouldn’t have too long to wait before an appointment becomes available on your preferred day and time.


To be discussed at the 'Free Initial Consultation'. Each client's therapy is unique, therefore fees do very much depend on the type of therapy to be used. Please visit our ‘Fees’ and 'Packages' webpages for further information.

Methods of Payment

Cash, cheque and all major credit and debit cards are accepted methods of payment.

  • We accept Visa card payment
  • We accept Mastercard card payment
  • We accept Visa Electron card payment
  • We accept Maestro card payment

Cancellation Policy

The time we spend working with our clients is very important, which is why we operate a 48 hour cancellation policy. Should you find you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, please telephone us on (01245) 444105 / 07734 059610 at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged the full session fee.

This 48 hour cancellation policy also applies to all of our Therapy Packages, however the penalty applied does depend on the type of package purchased. We will let you know the specific 'Terms and Conditions' relating to your therapy package before you purchase it.

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