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Profile: Claire Rich Adv. DHP, DPT, MAPHP (Acc.)

Claire Rich – Founder & Owner of Claire Rich Therapy

Claire Rich is a professionally trained, highly qualified and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnoanalyst, Psychotherapist and Life Coach specialising in the relief of Stress, Anxiety and Weight Loss including related problems such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Depression.

Claire is passionate about her work and thoroughly enjoys helping her clients overcome their problems and difficulties so that they can lead richer lives.
Her passion has led her to create 'The Richer Life Programme', a programme specifically designed to help High Achieving Business Owners maximise their performance and wellbeing so they can achieve serious success and be the best they can be.

Claire Rich, Hypnotherapist in Chelmsford, Essex

Claire's varied background and personal life experiences mean that she is able to work effectively, in a completely non-judgemental manner with people from all walks of life.

Claire’s Story

Claire has always been interested in people, psychology and the workings of the human mind, so when her own personal life experiences eventually led her to discover Hypnotherapy, it was a real revelation!

She suffered with her symptoms for many years, without even realising that what she was actually experiencing was stress, anxiety and panic attacks. She couldn't understand why she was constantly tired, depressed and struggling with her weight. Despite her GP telling her on numerous occasions that she was fine (blood tests etc. were normal), she refused to accept that the way she was feeling was normal. She had been searching for answers to so many questions about herself for such a long time, that when she finally found them, the relief was immense. At last, she had found out why she felt like she did, and this was all self-discovered - little did she know that this was only the beginning of her journey to a Richer Life.

Hypnotherapy helped her overcome her problems and difficulties so she could feel better and really start living her life to the full. She can honestly say it was a truly life-changing experience, and she has not looked back since. Plus she is now over three stone lighter! It just shows what can be achieved with the right diagnosis, treatment, true commitment and dedication.

Qualifications & Training

Having completed a professional, fully comprehensive training course, Claire was awarded her Diplomas in Clinical Hypnosis with Psychotherapy and Hypnoanalysis (DHP). The course focused on the safe and ethical application of clinical hypnosis during client-centred therapy. Claire then went on to do a further advanced training course, and gained her Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (Adv. DHP).

Claire is very proud to say that she was trained by Terence Watts, one of the most renowned, well-respected, experienced Senior Clinician's in the World of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Terence runs The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis (EICH), and his school is accredited by The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP), amongst other professional organisations. The training courses he offers are amongst some of the best in the country, and as well as being an International Lecturer and Presenter, Terence is a Published Author of Books and Manuals about Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

Claire went on to do many more training courses to enhance her therapy knowledge, skills and experience further, and was awarded the status of ‘Fully Qualified Psychotherapist’. She has also specialised in certain areas (see ‘Specialist Training Skills’ section for further details).

Specialist Training Skills

In addition to her foundation training, Claire is also a ‘Qualified Specialist’ in the following areas:

  • Stress and Anxiety related disorders including Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Depression.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Smoking Cessation Therapy.
  • Psychosexual Therapy.
  • Life Coaching - SymbioDynamics Therapy (Registered Trainer).

Claire works successfully with clients on a daily basis helping them overcome specific problems in these areas.

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