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Psychosexual Therapy

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What is Psychosexual Therapy?

Psychosexual Therapy is a talking therapy that is used to help people sort out their sexual problems and difficulties. Simply put, ‘psychosexual’ means sexual matters related to the mind. Sexual problems frequently include actual physical symptoms - the root cause(s) being either psychological, physiological or a combination of the two.

Getting Specialist Expert Help

Claire Rich Therapy specialises in Psychosexual Therapy and works in conjunction with medical advice received by your GP or Specialist to help you overcome your problems and difficulties. It is always advisable to get checked out by your GP first so that we can establish the origin of your particular problem. Once we have established whether the problem is psychological, physiological, or a combination of the two, we know what we are dealing with. Then we can decide on the right approach to tackle and resolve your problem together - after and in conjunction with conventional Medical Consultation where applicable.

How Psychosexual Therapy could help you

Taking the First Step

If the thought of visiting your GP to discuss your sexual problem fills you with fear and dread, then this is where we can also make a start on helping you regain control of your life. We can work with you to build your confidence to go and see your GP so that you can get the important medical advice and diagnosis that you need. This will help us to assess the severity of the problem and establish the best way to deal with it.

Setting Realistic Goals

We can then set realistic goals regarding what we will be able to achieve from your therapy when we know all the contributory factors. Of course the success of your therapy is also reliant on your total commitment and motivation to achieve the goals you set yourself.

Relieving the Worry and Stress

Rest assured we can usually work on all types of sexual problems and difficulties even when there is a physiological cause – if only to alleviate some of the stress, anxiety and depression that frequently accompanies these problems. Even in worst case scenarios where relief and resolution from the sexual problem is physically limited, we can work on helping you come to terms with things in order to cope better and feel more positive about your life and the future.

The Importance of a Private and Confidential Environment

We understand that your sex life is probably one of the most private and personal subjects that you might ever discuss and yet one of the most important. For some people even just thinking about sex is embarrassing enough without talking about it to a complete stranger. We provide a safe, private, confidential environment where you can be yourself and will not be judged in any way. Being able to be open and honest with your Therapist is the key to you achieving the most successful outcome from your therapy. This is why we offer a Free Initial Consultation so that you can meet us first and see if you feel comfortable talking to us.

The Free Initial Consultation

At this informal meeting we will take further information from you and assess whether we feel we can definitely help you. It is a totally non-obligatory meeting and you are welcome to go away and think about what you want to do, as it is important that you are totally committed and motivated to the therapy you choose to help you.

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