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Main Conditions treated with Hypnotherapy

Our Clinical Hypnotherapists offer private, professional, confidential therapy for stress, anxiety and weight loss as well as most mind-related matters.

The five main types of problems that we specialise in working with are:

Stress and anxiety are always at the root of any problem whether you feel it or not, whatever the circumstances. It’s simple: deal with the cause(s) and you overcome the problem and eliminate the symptoms.


Frequently, people believe they are coping with life because they simply don’t feel stressed out or anxious, or more importantly recognise the early signs and symptoms of stress. Unfortunately because they often appear to be calm and in control of their lives, it can be hard for friends, family and loved ones to pick up on the fact that they are indeed suffering and need help and support.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Whereas some people clearly feel stressed out and anxious every day of their lives and it affects not only them but also their friends, family and loved ones frequently having an impact on how they live their lives.

Weight Loss

When we are stressed we all have different ways of coping and making ourselves feel better. Some people smoke, others drink and many eat, either by comfort eating or binge eating. Food is something that gives us instant pleasure and satisfaction albeit only temporary. The feelings of regret and guilt usually kick in pretty soon after, especially if we already have a weight problem and are trying to lose weight. Food is simply being used as an emotional crutch and getting to the roots of the stress and unhappiness is always the best way forward, as being overweight can create many health issues and prevents us from being as fit, healthy and happy as we can be. Prolonged stress can also create eating disorders.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

When the level of stress and anxiety is experienced over a long period of time, people often find themselves having to go through a serious of ritualistic compulsive actions in order to cope with these distressing thoughts and feelings.


A constant level of stress and anxiety often leads to depression which can then feel like a vicious cycle for the sufferer.

The Importance of Medical Advice and Diagnosis

We advise all our clients to consult their GP or relevant Medical Practitioner before undergoing any form of treatment, therapy or otherwise. It is important to identify whether the contributory factors to your problem are mainly physiological, psychological or a combination of the two. Once a medical diagnosis has been given, we can work out the best treatment plan for you with a view to achieving the most realistic, successful outcome from your therapy.

Obtaining Written Consent

We work in conjunction with our clients' GPs, Medical Practitioners and Specialists. Please note that when clients present with problems that have physical symptoms, in particular illnesses of a physiological origin, we may require a letter from their Doctor. Written consent is always obtained from the client first before any direct contact is made.


Our Therapists are not qualified to provide medical advice about health problems and nothing in the content of this website constitutes any form of medical advice. All information should be regarded as complementary to, not a substitute for, conventional medical advice and healthcare.

Please note that each client's therapy is a unique and personal experience, therefore the effects and results differ from client to client. Like most other therapies, Hypnotherapy cannot promise anyone a 100% guarantee of a cure.

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