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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a widely recognised and increasingly popular talking therapy used to help people sort out their emotional and psychological problems and difficulties. Simply put, it means therapy for the psyche.

A Healthy Mind = A Healthy Body

To maintain optimum mental and physical health we need to take care of both our mind and body so we can be the best we can be.

It’s Good to Talk!

We all experience problems and difficulties at various times in our lives or simply occasions when things get a bit much and we need to talk and let off a bit of steam. Psychotherapy provides a safe, private and totally confidential environment where you can offload your worries and concerns without being judged in any way.

Sometimes we are unable to talk to friends, family and loved ones because they are too closely involved, we fear they’ll judge us or we just don’t want to worry them. In some cases, there isn’t anyone to talk to and this can lead to increased feelings of sadness, hopelessness and isolation. It can then be difficult to see a way forward as we struggle on alone.

Unresolved Negativity = Conflict and Symptoms

When thoughts, feelings and emotions are held in and bottled up they create conflict which eventually lead to stress, anxiety and depression or some other symptom(s) that makes us feel uncomfortable even though we may not have the vaguest idea why.

Psychotherapy = Answers and Solutions

Psychotherapy helps us find answers and solutions so that we can move forward in a positive way with newfound understanding, confidence and resources to deal with things differently. This in turn has a positive impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Find out how Psychotherapy could help you.

Duration of Therapy

This very much depends on the individual, their personality type and the presenting problem. In some cases a few sessions may be all that is needed, whereas in others a longer term approach with regular, ongoing support is required.

Rest assured clients are never in therapy longer than they need to be, as our objective is to help you achieve your goals. Each client works in a different way and at a different pace and we adapt to you and your individual needs.

All sessions are based on a 50-minute hour and are held on a weekly basis unless agreed otherwise.

Why choose Psychotherapy

If you are fed up of repeating the same old negative, destructive thought and behaviour patterns and feel stuck - it’s time you did something different to break that vicious cycle. If you want to feel happier, more positive and energetic then Psychotherapy could be the way to a Richer Life for you!

The Client Centred Approach

Our Psychotherapists work in a client-centred way which means that you will receive the therapy that is just right for you, your personality type and the goals you are seeking to achieve. We are all totally unique and our Therapists are able to draw on their extensive knowledge and experience using the appropriate methodology to help you get to where you want to be. It can actually be fun discovering and understanding how you and others operate. Therapy doesn’t always have to be serious and we are not adverse to using humour in our consulting rooms as and when is appropriate. Laughter is after all said to be one of the best forms of medicine!

Please feel free to contact us for a Free Initial Consultation to discuss your problem in confidence. This is a totally non-obligatory meeting.

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